Thursday, February 3, 2011

Finding Bakeries That Make Square Wedding Cakes With Flowers

The best way to find a bakery that can make square wedding cakes with flowers is set up meetings with the bakeries that you are considering using. Having a meeting with each baker or designer is a great way to find out if they can create your perfect design. Try to have these meeting far in advance of the big day, so you have less to worry about.

Better yet, if you have an event planner and they know what you are looking for, have them meet with the vendors. One thing that may help everyone is to have a picture to reference. Though there may be differences in terms of colors or type of flower, they should still be able to get the idea of what you want.

Another thing you will want to look for in your special dessert is to make sure it is tasty. For some reason, whether or not the cake was good is something a lot guests remember long after the big day is over. This special trip is a good way to get your fiance involved in the planning process, so bring him along.

If you are having trouble finding someone who can make the design you are looking for, ask your friends if they recommend anyone. If nothing else, they can tell you their experiences and if they liked how well their baker did. They will also be able to tell you if they did not like the person they chose.

A beautiful square wedding cake with flowers.

One way to find out if your preferred bakery can do the design you like is to ask to see pictures of what they have done in the past. If square wedding cakes with flowers are not in their book, they may still have done something similar. Maybe they could come up with a design for you ahead of time to reassure you they can get you the dessert you want.

You should also find out what the delivery and set up procedures will be. You want to be sure the baker will take care of all of that on your big day. Make sure you ask about insurance in case someone knocks over the cake table too.

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