Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tips For Choosing A Square Wedding Cake

A wedding feast is not complete without a wedding cake. Therefore, ensuring that you have a gorgeous cake in the party is important to create a perfect wedding. Read more to learn about choosing a square wedding cake for your special day.

Whether it is seasonal, classic, rustic, or modern shape, your cake should compliment the rest of the wedding decorations. People usually choose square shaped wedding cakes because they want more unique or modern designs. Nevertheless, if you want a square cake and keep the traditional theme, you can choose the ones with floral or lacy decorations.

White wedding cake. Photo by Generation X-Ray.

The most popular color for wedding cakes is white. Three most popular shades in wedding cakes are ivory, off white, and pure white. Some bakeries add other colors in the decoration but they are complimentary colors. Nowadays, people begin to look for alternative colors for their wedding cakes. The other popular colors are chocolate, lilac, pink, light blue, or black.

Black square wedding cake

Black and pink polka dot cake

Remember to count how many people will attend the wedding when deciding on the cake size. The cake should be enough for all guests. Many brides choose multi-tiered cakes. Special occasion cakes usually range from two to five tiers.

Do not cut corners when choosing cakes for your wedding. Remember that not everyone can create a beautiful cake that also tastes great. It is better to choose the best wedding bakery you can afford rather than being disappointed with the result.

Fondant, chocolate, and royal icing are three main types of icing for cakes. Some types of icing are easier to melt than others. Weather plays an important part in choosing the best icing for the cake so you must choose carefully which icing to use.

Tropical chocolate square wedding cake

The type of the cake is as important as the appearance. The kind of cake to choose for your square wedding cake is subject to personal taste. Popular cake choices for weddings are fruit cake, red velvet cake, or chocolate cake. You may also find other flavors depending on the bakeries.

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